Want to help your team master LinkedIn®?

LINKEDIN® SUCCESS is a 2.5 hour webinar providing attendees with a strategic overview of LinkedIn® from an organic marketing and business development perspective.


"LinkedIn® was a new(ish) tool for many in our business team, and Darrel's training went above and beyond to not only help each of us learn the basics and benefits of LinkedIn® but also helped greatly to take the fear of LinkedIn® away.


Darrel's easy-going presenting style was perfect for our team to be able to quickly connect to Darrel and his message and Darrel was always able to tie the message back to what each of our team is experiencing in their roles.


No question was off-limits and no question from our team went unanswered!


We would highly recommend anybody considering the best way to get more out of Linkedin® to get in touch with Darrel."

Samuel Nolthenius, Dependable Laundry Solutions


In addition to the webinar, all attendees receive the comprehensive 50+ page accompanying LINKEDIN® SUCCESS Seminar Notes, plus a month’s free access to PROACTIV.