Some nice words.

I highly recommend Darrel Griffin. His expertise in marketing as well as his capacity to listen deeply to the real need. Not only provided the training and support we needed but helped us reposition in a way that has resulted in 6 figure multi-year contracts. Full recommendation and reference for Darrel and happy to answer any questions from potential clients thinking of engaging him just PM me.

Bradley Raynor, Leadership & Education Consultant


LinkedIn was a new(ish) tool for many in our business team, and Darrel's training went above and beyond to not only help each of us learn the basics and benefits of LinkedIn but also helped greatly to take the fear of LinkedIn away.

Darrel's easy-going presenting style was perfect for our team to be able to quickly connect to Darrel and his message and Darrel was always able to tie the message back to what each of our team is experiencing in there roles.


No question was off-limits and no question from our team went unanswered!


We would highly recommend anybody considering the best way to get more out of Linkedin to get in touch with the man and the legend himself - Darrel Griffin!


Samuel Nolthenius, Dependable Laundry Solutions




If you're looking for someone to guide you through the thought process and practice of re-shaping your Linkedin presence, Darrel is THE guy. I worked with him over the course of several weeks and came out of our conversations with a new outlook on how to approach my business and content strategy on LinkedIn and away from it. Plus, he's a great dude. I couldn't recommend Darrel more!


Kris Hughes, Leap Frog Collective




Working with Darrel was a rewarding, insightful and enjoyable experience. His personal, relaxed approach made the actual work feel easy & doable. His professional expertise ensured that working together was effective, valuable and always on target. A great combination to get things done!


Dr Carmel Finnan, Branding Consultant




Darrel cares.


It would be honest, but incomplete, if I were to leave this recommendation at that.


Darrel Griffin has a penetrating insight into the human heart. That’s what allows him to see beyond the marketing, through to the people who are going to be touched by the message.


Did I mention that his work ethic leaves me wondering how he gets it all done? His work is meticulous, elegant, detailed, caring and personal.


Darrel’s a believer in a world of sceptics and cynics.


He makes things happen for communities because he cares, and doesn’t want to do it alone.


He’s a man for others. A natural marketer. A networker without compare. He makes each person he touched feel important. He cares.


It’s an honour to call him my work colleague, friend and brother from another mother.


Anthony English, Business Coach




Over the almost 7 years I have been 'present' on LinkedIn very few of the LinkedIn coaches/mentors/providers that have swept across my radar or through my feed have had the impact Darrel has had. In fact, I will qualify that; only Darrel has had any impact at all. He is a genuine person, always happy to answer my questions and irritatingly frequent requests for guidance with aplomb and patience. As my role has changed I have always gone back to the basics that Darrel first guided me to in his LinkedIn Guide - and such guidance has yielded new relationships and a much 'healthier' profile in my industry in terms of genuine connections. the old adage quality over quantity has never been so true as it is on social and Darrel seems to be the only LinkedIn Strategist that genuinely practices what he preaches. Thanks, Darrel.


Howard Quinlivan, Lawyer




Darrel is a LinkedIn expert and so much more. For a small business owner or start-up like me he’ll make you think about your positioning, your point of difference and how to own it, your ideal client or customer and how to build relationships with them. I thoroughly recommend him; I actually already have.


Angela Cross, Pilot PR




I’ve been on LinkedIn since it’s inception and Darrel has helped me feel confident and proud of my profile for the first time ever!


Before working with him I had a number of professionally written profiles that sounded good but didn’t feel right.


While working with Darrel I discovered how to be ‘me’ my authentic self on LinkedIn.


He gave me the confidence to share my value in my profile and posts, easing out of my comfort zone, helping me find my voice while making the whole process comfortable and enjoyable.


I’m feeling fulfilled by the interactions and real human connections I’m now able to make and facilitate on LinkedIn. I never thought I’d say this but I now actually enjoy using LinkedIn! Thank you so much!

Sarah Birken, Strategic Sensemaker Consultant